Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enter Aussie Driver Search?

In 2017 Aussie Driver Search is utilising a registration process. You will have the opportunity to register during a 7 day period from Sunday 28th May. Drivers will then be notified via a phone call if they have been selected to compete. More information will be available on our website close to the time of registration.

What experience do I need?

Aussie Driver Search is for anybody and everybody no matter your background, experience level or budget. We have competitions that cater from people with no actual motorsport experience to experienced drivers looking to make a career out of motorsport.

I have participated in other disciplines but never circuit racing, can I still compete?

Yes, Aussie Driver Search features people from all background and is what makes the competition so great. In 2016 we had people from backgrounds including karting, drifting, speedway, off road, super karts and even sim racing.

Can I Enter More Than One Category?

Yes, you can enter as many competitions as you wish as long as you are eligible for that competition

How is the competition judged?

The competition is judged on a number of areas including speed, consistency, mechanical sympathy and car control. The competition is mostly judged from the judges feedback with lap times not carrying much weight in regards to judging.

Will the Event be cancelled if it rains?

No, the event will go ahead rain, hail or shine.

What Happens If I Damage A Car?

We feel our biggest insurance policy is the instructors who will be judging each competitor however Aussie Driver Search has insurance available to all competitors which will cover you in the unlikely event of an incident. This dramatically reduces the financial risk involved with entering the competition.

What happens if a car is damaged at the start of the day?

We will have multiple spare cars at each event to ensure each competitor will get their guaranteed time on track

What Safety Gear Do I Require?

A helmet, neck to ankle clothing and enclosed shoes are all that are required to compete in Aussie Driver Search. If you have proper racing gear you are more than welcome to use it.

What License Do I Need?

To compete in Aussie Driver Search you require a CAMS L2S Licence or higher. This licence can be purchased in the morning of the event if you do not currently hold one.

Do the Winners Need to Pay More To Claim Their Prize?

No, the winners do not need to pay anything more than their entry fee to claim their prize.

What is included in the prize?

The prizes are for an arrive and drive deal. All the driver needs to do is turn up with the appropriate safety gear and jump in and drive. If the winner doesn’t have appropriate safety gear or race licenses we can help them get sorted

Will I Fit In the Car(s)

Yes, no matter how big or small you will fit in the cars. We are setting the cars up to accommodate any driver and although you may not be as comfortable as if it were your own car you will easily be able to fit in the car and drive with no problems.

Are Their Age Limits?

The minimum age to compete is 16 years old unless the driver has a CAMS Provisional Circuit Licence or higher. There is no maximum age as long as you are fit to drive a motor vehicle.

Will there be passing or racing on track?

While there will be passing, there will be no racing as such. If a driver catches a slower vehicle they will be allowed to pass when safe to do so. As Aussie Driver Search is more of a qualifying session than a race, ‘racing’ other competitions will actually slow you down and give you less chance of winning.

Are The Cars Manual?

Yes, all cars are a standard h pattern manual gearbox. Although you don’t need to be driving a manual every day, competitors should have at least some experience driving a manual transmission and be confident in changing up and down gears.

Is their any training provided?

While no formal training is provided, there will be a drivers briefing where we will explain the key safety considerations and what you must do to impress the judges. Instruction can be given within the car depending on your experience level however generally you will not receive any formal training or instruction.

Do You Need a Drivers Licence?

No, you do not require a road drivers licence to compete in Aussie Driver Search.